Lightnote CMS - web 2.0 content management system

What is Lightnote CMS?

Lightnote CMS is a user friendly content management system based on latest web 2.0 technologies. It allows end-user very fast and easily create, edit, manage and publish website content. For developers it will be important to know, that Lightnote CMS is based on PHP as script language, MySQL as database engine and Smarty as template engine.

Main features of Lightnote CMS are:

Online Demo

To try Lightnote CMS yourself, please follow this link:
Login: demo
Password: demo


I recommend Linux with either Apache or LiteSpeed webservers as the most robust platform to run Lightnote CMS.

Server requirements:
PHP 4.3 or greater
MySQL 4.1 or greater
Apache mod_rewrite module (for clean URIs)